Why More and More People Use 3rder Dating App?

On the tinder threesome dating market, 3rder app has provided high quality services for its members for many years since it made the first launch. At the beginning of last year, it has about 100,000 users and this number has reached over 300,000 after the growth of this year. Even though there are a lot of similar dating apps working for threesomes, none of them is able to grow as fast as 3rder in terms of users. With the increasing powerful dating functions and the better and better dating environment, more and more people are so glad to join this app to make some changes to their lives. You won’t understand why 3rder is so popular among swinger couples and kinky singles if you haven’t used this app more than a week. It is said that every user is offered several free rounds of match game with which they can get over 60 potential matches for threesomes. After paying, they will be able to get full access to some other advanced features that are especially designed for couples dating. What’s more, compared with other famous apps of this kind, 3rder is must be the cheapest cost app and every user can afford it with a little money each month. 3rder app can promise its members that over 90 percent of people are real people coming from different countries across the world. So, wherever you are located, you will definitely find at least dozens of like-minded people in the same state or province or even in your nearby area if you are so lucky. According to your profile and your location, 3rder app will automatically give you enough potential matches for you to choose and it will try the best to give you different matches whenever you start a new round. Unfortunately, it is possible for you to get some same matches if there is no new users near you join and you don’t need to be worried. Thanks to the new dating tools called Newbies and Nearby with the newest version which has been released for only a few months, users find it is more convenient to get matched. You can use these new tools for free and there is a new method for you to contact newcomers and nearby users the first time whenever they join. Also, you can browse their profile to find some basic information and get more details via instant messages with them without any limitation as long as you have upgraded your membership. Undoubtedly, 3rder now is more practical and excellent compared with the past and it won’t stop optimizing itself to be better and better. Having a threesome is a new lifestyle among open-minded people and creating the best threesome dating platform for users is what 3rder has always insisted on.


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