Something you need to pay attention to when you are on 3rder finding your partners

3rder is an exclusive threesome dating app designed for kinky couples and single to arrange a swinger lifestyle with each other. Owe to its clear layout, beautiful interface and simple navigation, I am deeply impressed by the way it works for its members.

However, 3rder is not my first online dating in this kind, and frankly speaking, I don’t want to mention it again because my experience on the terrible app called 3Somer has been proved to be a completely mess. I spent much time and money on 3Somer but I still got no ways to get connect with like-minded people but only scammers and spammers.

I turned to 3rder to continue my threesome dating journey since I found 3Somer was removed out of the App Store two weeks ago. I am not surprised to get the news because I really have no idea why so many are using such an awful app being full of fake profiles and fraudsters. Now that I have been here for about half a month, I have met a lot of nice couples who are willing to invite me into their bedroom. Here is something will be helpful for newcomers on 3rder.

1.You are strongly advised to complete your personal profiles as detailed as possible.

Once you create your profile, it can be seen by thousands of users on 3rder. As 3rder now has a large number of users database that has been over 350,000 early this year, more users will be glad to contact you since they have got enough information about you through your detailed profile.

2.You don’t need to worry about scammers and spammers here.

Just unlike the people I met when I was on 3Somer, users here are serious about threesome relationships and they all are true members. As a result, you can chat with them about anything without any limitation and you will find you can learn so many dating tips and experience. That’s to say, you are supposed to be skilled at threesomes dating after joining here for a period.

3.Upgrading your membership with some money is necessary.

In fact, 3rder is definitely an affordable threesome dating app for any couple and single. Only with less than $10 per month, you are able to gain privileges of several powerful advanced dating features after you upgrade your membership. 3rder can be said to be the most cost effective dating app worthwhile your money.

During these two weeks, I have also met some of my old friends coming from 3Somer and they all agree with my idea about this app like tinder for threesomes. I think it’s time to invite more users of 3Somer to join this great threesome app so that we will have chances to make our dreams of threesomes come true.


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