Sharing my girlfriend with my best friend

I have a new girlfriend who we just dated for several weeks. We met at a birthday party of our common friend. I still remembered that day when my best friend and I went to that party together. I asked him to accompany me, because there was no female date for me back then. She was accompanied by her girlfriend too, who was not as pretty as her. My best friend and I both were attracted to her, so we took a gamble. One of us who firstly drink off a bottle of bear gets the chance to hit on her, while the other took the other girl. Luckily, I was the winner. I didn’t know that was a chance to have a tinder threesome.

So we went to them together and took our part. I invited her to go for a walk with me. She agreed. She was a nice girl, and also super hot. My best friend also had some nice conversation with the other girl and he was even luckier than me. He got laid up that night, but it didn’t go on so well with that girl. They broke up a week later.

After they broke up, my friend came to us. We decided to go out for some drinks and try to get him another girl. We went to the same party which that friend throw party at and ordered some drinks. Unfortunately, we didn’t see any single girl or girls there. They were all couples or lovers. So we decided to spend the whole night together. We talked a lot and had a really good time together.

When we talked about that night we met, it got a little awkward. My girlfriend was very surprised to find out that we were both attracted to her and it got her so excited and happy. All of a sudden, none of us spoke a word and it got so silence as dead. I quickly ended it by saying that I should go home now. My friend and us separated.

On the way back to the house of my girlfriend, we talked about our relationship. She told me that she once had an open relationship with one of her ex and it was very nice. She told me about the swinger lifestyle she had with him. I was very interested and curious. I never had tinder for couples threesomes before in my life. She proposed that maybe we could try one some time. I agreed.

When I dropped her home and on my way back, I had been thinking about it. I could tell that my friend still was attracted to her and so did her. I could even feel the heat between them when they talked at the bar. I made a decision. I would invite my best friend to have a threesome with us. I think it would be a major turn on for all three of us and I knew they were definitely interested in it. When I arrived home, I texted my girlfriend and my best friend. They both agreed. We are going to have a threesome next weekend and spend the whole weekend together. Looking forward to it.


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