My Opinion on Where to Find Like-minded Swingers

I’ve been living swinger lifestyle for more than seven years, which makes me the expert on this field. At least I think I am very good at finding the most compatible and like-minded swingers for a great threesome or something else.

At first, I was single and I wanted to experience more when I was still young. So, I decided to try to have a threesome with a couple. I refused to have a threesome dating with someone I knew because it might make things embarrassed after it has been done. Then, after searched on Google, I thought it would be exciting to find a couple that I didn’t know in a swinger app. I found a club recommended by a friend online and I visited it one day. It was the first time and it was also the last time that I visited a club full of strangers. There were so many swinger couples and singles who were interested in find someone to have a threesome or live a swinger lifestyle. But I didn’t like it because it seemed that we could only chat for several minutes before we went out to find a place to do it. I couldn’t accept it because you barely knew those men that you were going to be intimate on the bed. It was unsafe.

So, I chose to find them online. Even if I couldn’t see what they really looked like, I could get to know them more or less before make it happen. And I found that it was the best way for me to find like-minded swingers to connect. And it was very convenient to talk with them online. Finally, I asked a couple that I have connected for more than a week to meet and arrange our first swinging, they said yes. As you could imagine, it was a very successful experience and I could actually get what I want from threesome dating. Then, I became a fan of threesomes and I continued to find couples online to have different three way experience with some like-minded couples.

After I have found my current boyfriend, I thought that I might give up on such a great activity. But he said that he was willing to try to live a swinger lifestyle with me. That was awesome! We started to find singles on threesome app. By the way, swinger apps are very convenient than those online sites that I have used before. Then, we also tried to find couples to swinger, which was also very great and amazing. It you are afraid that having a threesome will destroy your relationship, you can have a try. But the only condition is that you and your partner should both agree on this lifestyle.


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