Do’s and Don’ts When Having a Threesome

Having a threesome with a third person in the bedroom is fun and exciting. But it also requires a lot of work to accomplish successfully. In case you don’t know what to do to make it more fun and more memorable, you should get to learn some tricks and follow some guidelines to help achieve ultimate happiness and satisfaction. Here are some do’s and don’ts for you to take a look if you desire for a successful threesome.

Don’t choose someone you and your husband know
It is a taboo to bring someone that you know to your bedroom. Although having a threesome with someone you know seems safe, it is not. At least, it may be the end of your relationship. That would be the last thing that you want to see after an imperfect threesome. Since there are lots of threesome dating apps such as 3rder, 3somer, feeld and 3fun, why not try it to find a stranger woman who would never intrude into your relationship and might fly away after it. So, just pick a popular threesome dating app and create a profile as a couple to connect with single women around the world. And you will definitely find a great number of unicorns who can meet your need.

Do pick a woman who is good at sex
Believe it or not, you do not want to have a threesome with a person who is a virgin. She has the ability to ruin every moment in the threesome since she knows nothing about sex. Why you and your partner want to have a three way with another woman? Achieving more fun and experiencing more sex adventures will be the top purpose of having that idea. So, don’t pick a girl who will probably obstruct the process of having a wonderful experience. A woman who has lots of sexual experiences will be the right option.

Do get a glass of wine but don’t get drunk
Sometimes, a glass of wine will be helpful and liven things up, especially when you and your partner are not familiar with the third partner. But getting drunk will totally destroy your dating since no one would remember what happens in the end. Don’t waste your time and chance to have a threesome with someone you find on a threesome dating app.

A Beginner Guide to Threesomes

Having a threesome can be easy and also tough, depending on how much you know it. For those kinky singles and couples who haven’t tried it in the past, they would need a beginner guide to get it started. And those tips will also help you enjoy a threesome as long as you can understand it clearly. Keep reading and learn how to have a three way.

Don’t try it with a friend
It will be super awkward to have a threesome with a friend. Maybe your original purpose to call a friend to experience this is to make sure your safety and privacy. But how could you not think about how embarrassed you will be after you three saw each other’s bodies. Before this happened, you can go out for a coffee, a movie and shopping freely. And you may talk about dirty things when you are together. But now, you may imagine the naked bodies of your friend when you see each other, which is unacceptable for both of you. There are lots of threesome dating apps , such as 3rder and 3fun, out there for you to hunt for singles or couples who are interested in threesomes. You can at least have a try.

Safety comes first
Safe sex should be practiced under any circumstances, especially when you are having sex with more than two people. No matter it is for you and your partner’s safety or the third person’s, it is always best to have a safe sex during the experience. Just make sure that you can be honest with each other whether you are clean or not. It won’t ruin your dating, but may help accomplish a perfect threesome instead. Besides, make sure you have prepared enough condoms.

It is important to make sure all parties are involved in
It is easy to please one person in the bed because the two of you only need to focus on the other. But having a threesome means more. If you are the couple, you will be jealous when your man is flirting with the third woman. If you are the single woman, you will feel exclusive since you two don’t pay attention to her. And then the dating will end without a good result. So, just try to keep all parties enjoy the process.

Just follow your heart
In fact, no one could control what happens when you are having a three way. And the most important aspect to judge a threesome is successful or not it to see whether you are happy and satisfy with each other. So, when you know the basic rules to make it out, just follow your heart and let things happen naturally.