3rder brings more fun to swingers and couples looking for threesome

3rder now has gathered a large number of members since it released its first version last month. As a new dating app in threesome app field, it is especially designed for hot couples and beautiful single ladies hooking up with each other. 3rder can provide users with the best dating platform with a lot of useful features. Although it is a new app, 3rder is highly rated by most users on the App Store because of the great convenience it brings to users.

3rder also is a great community to users. When you joining this community, you will find thousands of like-minded people are sharing their interesting stories and nice threesome experiences with each other. Besides, some warm-hearted members are likely to write a few articles related to threesomes in order to give the newcomers some advice. With these useful advice, they can find their own partner in a short time and this is one of the main reasons people would like to give five stars to this wonderful app.

How it works
3rder allows users to create a new account and set up a personal profile without any charge. Even they have no intention to pay for it, they also will have a great experience on this app, with most of the features provided by 3rder. Designed by a professional network company, 3rder has a beautiful interface and a simple layout. As a result, it is totally a user-friendly for users and they can handle it quickly. In fact, working fast and response quickly are the two most prominent features differing 3rder from other apps such as 3Somer and 3Fun.

Great dating features
3rder has the most powerful match system called quickmatch by far. Each user can play several rounds of quickmatch every day. When you finish your first round of match, you have to wait a short while for another round and also, the system will recommend your new potential matches. When you find someone you are interested in, you can click the heart button or just swipe right to like this member. If this member likes you at the same time, then a match is made. You can initiate a conversation via messages to know each other better with more details. When you get messages from other members, you can check them in messages part and give a reply back. Posting a good with a few words in comments is a good way to meet more people and then you can get more opportunities to make friends with them.

How to become a premium member
Right now, a great part of the free member have upgraded their membership because they trust this app can help them find someone special. On the other hand, 3rder is really a nice app worth your money. You can get the best service and the most chances to meet different people with less money on 3rder. The in-app purchase price is listed below.
$9.99 for 1 month premium member
$24.99 for 3 months premium member
$39.99 for 6 months premium member

Final words
So many people are trying to bring something exciting and adventurous into their sexual life for extra fun. No matter you want a threesome even a foursome, you will definitely find your partner on 3rder arrange your swing lifestyle. Come to download and join it today to see how well it works for you!

Something you need to pay attention to when you are on 3rder finding your partners

3rder is an exclusive threesome dating app designed for kinky couples and single to arrange a swinger lifestyle with each other. Owe to its clear layout, beautiful interface and simple navigation, I am deeply impressed by the way it works for its members.
However, 3rder is not my first online dating in this kind, and frankly speaking, I don’t want to mention it again because my experience on the terrible app called 3Somer has been proved to be a completely mess. I spent much time and money on 3Somer but I still got no ways to get connect with like-minded people but only scammers and spammers.

I turned to 3rder to continue my threesome dating journey since I found 3Somer was removed out of the App Store two weeks ago. I am not surprised to get the news because I really have no idea why so many are using such an awful app being full of fake profiles and fraudsters. Now that I have been here for about half a month, I have met a lot of nice couples who are willing to invite me into their bedroom. Here is something will be helpful for newcomers on 3rder.

1.You are strongly advised to complete your personal profiles as detailed as possible.
Once you create your profile, it can be seen by thousands of users on 3rder. As 3rder now has a large number of users database that has been over 350,000 early this year, more users will be glad to contact you since they have got enough information about you through your detailed profile.

2.You don’t need to worry about scammers and spammers here.
Just unlike the people I met when I was on 3Somer, users here are serious about threesome relationships and they all are true members. As a result, you can chat with them about anything without any limitation and you will find you can learn so many dating tips and experience. That’s to say, you are supposed to be skilled at threesomes dating after joining here for a period.

3.Upgrading your membership with some money is necessary.
In fact, 3rder is definitely an affordable threesome dating app for any couple and single. Only with less than $10 per month, you are able to gain privileges of several powerful advanced dating features after you upgrade your membership. 3rder can be said to be the most cost effective dating app worthwhile your money.

During these two weeks, I have also met some of my old friends coming from 3Somer and they all agree with my idea about this app like tinder for threesomes. I think it’s time to invite more users of 3Somer to join this great threesome app so that we will have chances to make our dreams of threesomes come true.

Finding a Three Way Partner Easily

Getting the desire to have a three way is easy and exciting. But finding a three way partner, especially when you are looking for a single woman that meets your need is a tough task for you. No one wants to randomly pick someone to have a threesome because it is not good for better sex and orgasm. Sometimes, they may feel difficult to land a perfect single female because they are called unicorn. So, today you are going to find answers to your questions here.

1. Take advantage of the Internet
Although it is hard to find single women who are interested in having a threesome with a couple, you can find ways to track them down as long as you are desperate to meet one. And lucky for you, there are some great threesome dating apps such as 3rder, 3fun, 3somer and feeld, offering the best service for kinky singles and couples. When you need a perfect place to meet a perfect three way partner, you can always turn to the Internet for help. Download 3rder from App Store and set up a personal profile for free. As a popular and excellent threesome dating app in this market, 3rder can make your threesome fantasy come true as long as you know how to make the best of it.

2. Make yourself attractive at least online
Before face to face meeting, a woman has no reason to trust you and your partner. The best way to solve this problem is trying to make yourself seem safe and attractive. When you are creating your profile and talking with those unicorns on a threesome dating app, please be friendly and be charming to get her attention. Couples are easy to find because having a threesome is easy for them. But for single women, they need a reason to convince themselves to join a couple in the bedroom. Besides, you also need to think about what you can offer to her. Or you can get some ideas from what you are looking for in others’ profiles and add some authentic content that is useful for your searching.

3. Talk about it honestly and clearly
After you’ve found the best single woman for a three way on a threesome dating app, you can discuss with her with some details and boundaries. Talk about the desires and needs of each other to make sure that everyone is clear about those details. Take about your protective measures and safe word that you will want to use when there are some problems during the threesome. Talk about your bottom lines and promise to not cross it. And there are lots of details that need to be brought up.

Do’s and Don’ts When Having a Threesome

Having a threesome with a third person in the bedroom is fun and exciting. But it also requires a lot of work to accomplish successfully. In case you don’t know what to do to make it more fun and more memorable, you should get to learn some tricks and follow some guidelines to help achieve ultimate happiness and satisfaction. Here are some do’s and don’ts for you to take a look if you desire for a successful threesome.

Don’t choose someone you and your husband know
It is a taboo to bring someone that you know to your bedroom. Although having a threesome with someone you know seems safe, it is not. At least, it may be the end of your relationship. That would be the last thing that you want to see after an imperfect threesome. Since there are lots of threesome dating apps such as 3rder, 3somer, feeld and 3fun, why not try it to find a stranger woman who would never intrude into your relationship and might fly away after it. So, just pick a popular threesome dating app and create a profile as a couple to connect with single women around the world. And you will definitely find a great number of unicorns who can meet your need.

Do pick a woman who is good at sex
Believe it or not, you do not want to have a threesome with a person who is a virgin. She has the ability to ruin every moment in the threesome since she knows nothing about sex. Why you and your partner want to have a three way with another woman? Achieving more fun and experiencing more sex adventures will be the top purpose of having that idea. So, don’t pick a girl who will probably obstruct the process of having a wonderful experience. A woman who has lots of sexual experiences will be the right option.

Do get a glass of wine but don’t get drunk
Sometimes, a glass of wine will be helpful and liven things up, especially when you and your partner are not familiar with the third partner. But getting drunk will totally destroy your dating since no one would remember what happens in the end. Don’t waste your time and chance to have a threesome with someone you find on a threesome dating app.

A Beginner Guide to Threesomes

Having a threesome can be easy and also tough, depending on how much you know it. For those kinky singles and couples who haven’t tried it in the past, they would need a beginner guide to get it started. And those tips will also help you enjoy a threesome as long as you can understand it clearly. Keep reading and learn how to have a three way.

Don’t try it with a friend
It will be super awkward to have a threesome with a friend. Maybe your original purpose to call a friend to experience this is to make sure your safety and privacy. But how could you not think about how embarrassed you will be after you three saw each other’s bodies. Before this happened, you can go out for a coffee, a movie and shopping freely. And you may talk about dirty things when you are together. But now, you may imagine the naked bodies of your friend when you see each other, which is unacceptable for both of you. There are lots of threesome dating apps , such as 3rder and 3fun, out there for you to hunt for singles or couples who are interested in threesomes. You can at least have a try.

Safety comes first
Safe sex should be practiced under any circumstances, especially when you are having sex with more than two people. No matter it is for you and your partner’s safety or the third person’s, it is always best to have a safe sex during the experience. Just make sure that you can be honest with each other whether you are clean or not. It won’t ruin your dating, but may help accomplish a perfect threesome instead. Besides, make sure you have prepared enough condoms.

It is important to make sure all parties are involved in
It is easy to please one person in the bed because the two of you only need to focus on the other. But having a threesome means more. If you are the couple, you will be jealous when your man is flirting with the third woman. If you are the single woman, you will feel exclusive since you two don’t pay attention to her. And then the dating will end without a good result. So, just try to keep all parties enjoy the process.

Just follow your heart
In fact, no one could control what happens when you are having a three way. And the most important aspect to judge a threesome is successful or not it to see whether you are happy and satisfy with each other. So, when you know the basic rules to make it out, just follow your heart and let things happen naturally.